Happy Customer

Happy Experience at General Inflatables

Thanks to your support, more and more people are experiencing the happiness of doing business with General Inflatables along with our market is bigger and bigger. We would like to share our customer’s happiness with all you.

●Mike from Cardiff,UK

I purchased a slide from General Group Co., Limited The way it works was I transferred payment by Bank Transfer on the 26th June 2009-2010 and the product was delivered to Heathrow airport in London on the 09th July 2009-2010. The product was then driven to Cardiff Wales Airport and I picked it up from there in a van on the 11th July, the day of my daughters birthday, so I was pleased that they kept to the deadline we agreed on. I must say that the service I received from General Inflatables was fantastic. They kept me informed of the progress on a regular basis and all that they said would happen did. They even sent me photographs of the product as they were making it. Having had the product delivered I was delighted with the quality of the slide. Everything is perfect. My daughter and her friends have so much fun on it. I strongly recommend them based on the service and quality of the goods.

●Anthony G. Smith from Sydney, Australia

Hi, It’s me. I come back again. Just want to tell you that I have been using the castle for six months totally, but the castle still seems very strong now. The color of printing is still very fresh. Unlike my last castle buy from another Chinese company, just used for only 2 hours, then it split a big hole at the bottom. I promise I will buy from you forever, as I really can’t bear others’ so poor quality. Thank you for all.

●Maria Doyle from NJ, USA

This is really fantastic ball, many people come to play it, they roll and roll again and don’t wanna stop. Your zorb ball gives me a rich season.

●Nick Bess from Lagos, Nigeria

I must say it is my most satisfied purchase experience from China. When I see your website’s picture, I don't believe your quality. But when I receive it, I know I have made a right choice on buy from you. You have done what you promise to do for me. My technologist has tested your material and he said you used the best material to produce my order. Good quality is very important for me, because I will rent out all the inflatables for many times. So I am really excited when I get your great inflatables. Thank you.

●Mike Russack from New York, USA

Thanks for sending me so beautiful shark attack slide, I receive it today, but I can’t wait to tell you how happy I am. It’s the same as on your website, and the artwork is so excellent. I believe our kids will love it.

●Jack Daniel from Birmingham, UK

I just want to say you help me make money. Many people would rather rent bouncers from me than any other rent company, because the bouncer you make for me is safer than anyone else. You know children’s safety is the most important.

●Chieko Nishimura from Tokyo, Japan


It is just a little part of our happy customers above, as we can't list all. Please contact us immediately to begin your happiness and let more people share your happiness.